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We do not have enough space on our web site to publish all of the precious letters we have received from 40 years of satisfied customers. We have included a To the staff at Berry's Bait & Tackle:


Just wanted to say thanks for the great service. If you recall I stopped in prior to my trip to Rivers Inlet and bought some flies from you. You guys hooked me up with some killer flies for silvers. We had a great trip. The salmon fishing was over the top. And thanks for the hat. Here's a photo.



Again, just wanted to say thanks for the help while I was in your shop. You guys are knowledgeable and helpful. The next time I'm driving through Vancouver, I'll be sure to stop in and pick up any last minute supplies.


Have a good summer and tight lines!


Pat Hoglund


Pat Hoglund

Publisher / Executive Editor

Salmon & Steelhead Journal

Traveling Angler

Steelheader's Journalcouple.


The following letter, from Mr. Brian Ingle, was also published in local media.


"She was tall, slender and beautiful. In my need I reached for her. I seized her and pulled her towards me - she resisted. With rising passion I pulled harder, still she resisted. The lust of urgency took hold, a red film formed over my eyes as we struggled, I lost control and something snapped. Suddenly she went limp in my hands. I stared in shock and horror at the broken body before me. My beloved #5 weight Fenwich fly rod was broken about a foot below the tip.


I only admit to the stupidity of my actions because of the subsequent happenings. My first move was to take the rod to Berry's Bait & Tackle in Richmond, hoping for repair. They informed me that any attempt to repair would reduce the rod to the quality of a garden stake, but instead of trying to sell me a new rod, suggested I return it to Fenwick. Not only did Berry's not try to sell me a new rod, they supplied me with a mailing tube to return it to the second heroes, Fenwick.


Because breakage was totally my fault, and had nothing to do with design or construction flaw, they offered to replace it for a nominal fee with one of higher quality and new design in order to maintain customer goodwill. This offer was accepted and alacrity, and now this fickle lover has a new plaything. Congratulations to Fenwick for their great customer service policy, and to Berry's for passing up the short term gain for long term customer loyalty."


Brian Ingle


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