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Choosing a Good Float Rod

The most obvious differences between good "float" rods and good "drift fishing" rods are two separate, yet critically important features.

Long Length
Although 10 1/2 ft. models predominate available float rods, longer lengths up to 13 ft. are not unusual. Anything over 10 ft. however, will give the angler the basic required benefit he or she requires.

Because one places the float a fixed distance above their terminal tackle, its important to be able to cast the longer than normal leader/float lengths.

The long length further allows the fisher to keep the line between the float and rod tip off the water thus providing a better drag free drift, an element critical to good success.

Flexible Action
A good float rod should have a fairly flexible "mid" section in order to best cast a typical float set up. Further to that, the reel of choice can also dictate what rod action is preferred.

Typically level wind reels can allow flexible but "faster" action as less load is required to make the smaller drum turn.

Rods made with higher quality "graphite II" or "IM6" type materials generally will have these highly desirable fast recovery but soft actions. This means the rod flexes well into the butt but snaps back straight very quickly due to the higher modules (stiffness) of the material used.

Center pin rods differ in that the handle is a different configuration and that even softer actions are popular to help load the larger drum of the common 4 - 4 1/2 diameter center pin type reels.

Handles often have the reel seat 7 - 10" up from the butt with the balance of the handle above the reel seat. Anglers commonly cup the top of the reel with their pinky or ring finger controlling the rim/drum.

A good center pin action will work better with either choice of reel, however a good level wind action often does not have the proper flex to make center pin reels work best...

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