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Local Lakes-

Local lake fishing is heating up as the weather is warming up! all of the urban lakes have been stocked with catchable rainbow trout. Como, Lafarge, Green Timbers and Rice lakes hav all been very productive.

Hick's and deer lake in Sasquatch Provincial park are also good lakes to hit up through the Spring and Summer months. Hicks produces Cutthroat, Kokanee and Rainbow trout. Deer lake has a very healthy population of Rainbow trout. 


Fraser River-

Sturgeon are on the bite once again!! The start of the Eulichon typicaly starts around early April and will last a few weeks. During this time Eulichons will be the best bait option as they will be the primary food source for Sturgeon. 

There are some good trout and Char oppurtunities throughout the Winter months in the Fraser river. The Upper Fraser back channels between Chilliwack and Hope can be quite good for Cutthroat trout. These backwater sloughs are sanctuarys for Salmon fry, and baby course fish that the trout prey on. Casting spoons or chucking streamer flys immitating baitfish or attractors will be good options. The Lower/ Tidal portion of the Fraser can be quite productive at times for Sea Run Dollies. Bar fishing with Roe or single eggs or chucking spoons depending on visability are all good bets.


Open as of July 1'st. Expect there to be some Summer red chinook in the system for the opening week however the bulk of the run usually shows up around the second week of July.


Summer run Steelhead can be found mainly throughout the canyon reaches of the river.


Now can be a great time to break out the trout gear. Cutthroat, Dollies and Whitefish will be available to target throughout the winter months.


Interior Lakes-

Interior lake fishing is now in full swing!! We have already had saome excellent reports from the Merritt area..


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