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FRESH WATER FISHING REPORT  (September 10, 2021)

A nice vedder fish 

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The baitban is now in effect starting August.1.  Fishing is slow as usual this time of year due to low water conditions.  A few Coho should be scattered throughout the system.  Fly Fishing with small olive flies can be effective first and last light.


Fraser River-

The TIDAL PORTION of  The Fraser River is now open to Pink Salmon Fishing. Starting September.3-September.18 this fishery is open to retention of 4 pink salmon per day. These fish can be caught on spoons, spinners, jigs and buzz bombs which can all be purcahsed in store. A tidal fishing licence and a salmon stamp is mandatory for this fishery.  Fishing has been awesome in the tidal portion producing lots of chrome pinks! 

The DFO has now opened up the non-tidal portion of the river for pink salmon. From the CPR bridge in Mission to HWY 1 bridge in Hope. The daily limit is 2 pink salmon. Spoons, jigs and buzz bombs are all effective methods for targeting pinks in the non-tidal portion of the river.

NOTE : Fishing in the Fraser River is only open to PINK SALMON. Anything caught accidental must be released. Keep in mind a bait ban is in effect for salmon.

Sturgeon fishing has been very good.  Eulachon are a great choice of bait and can be purcahsed in store.  Course Fish such as pikeminnow, chub and bullhead can be targeted year round using worms on a bottom setup.


The Vedder is starting to produce a fair amount of chinook, coho and pinks throughout the past week.  The river is still very low so first and last light is key for a higher success rate. Due to the low water fish are scattered throughout the lower river. Cured Roe is typcially best for taregting chinook and coho but spinners and jigs can be productive at the right times. Pinks are now open for 2 a day until September.30th. The pinks are in thick throughout the lower river and can be caught with spoons, spinners and jigs. 


Now open to Fishing. Fishing remains slow till the fall.








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