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Pink Salmon open in the Tidal Fraser effevtive September 14th until September 20th.

*4 pink salmon per day

*4 chum Salmon per day

*no retention on Chinook or Coho salmon

*no fishing for Sockey

*no bait fishing for salmon

Squamish River-

Take note that Pink Salmon are closed for retention but you may still catch and release for them. Good numbers of pink are scattered throughout the system. Bull trout fishing will heat up big time as we are approaching spawning time.


Local Lakes-

All of the urban lakes have been stocked with catchable rainbow trout. Como, Lafarge, Green Timbers and Rice lakes have all been very productive.

Hick's and deer lake in Sasquatch Provincial park are also good lakes to hit up through the Spring and Summer months. Hicks produces Cutthroat, Kokanee and Rainbow trout. Deer lake has a very healthy population of Rainbow trout. 

Fraser River-

Salmon?trout fishing remain closed on the upper and lower Fraser. We probaly will not see any salmon opportunitys until mid October


turgeon fishing has been good throughout the upper and lower reaches of the river. Lamprey eel's, Eulichons Salmon roe and fish parts have all been working.


Pink salmon have been reported in the lower reaches of the river and expect to see a few jack Springs show up soon as well. Take note that Pink Salmon currently are closed for retention. Coho numbers should be fantastic this year!! peak Coho time is usually late September through the month of October but can be found as early as now!!


Salmon season is just around the corner!!


Now can be a great time to break out the trout gear. Cutthroat, Dollies and Whitefish will be available to target throughout the winter months.



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