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FRESH WATER FISHING REPORT  (November 9th, 2019)


The baitban has been lifted. Coho fishing is starting to wind down.

Local Lakes-

All of the urban lakes have been stocked with catchable rainbow trout. Como, Lafarge, Green Timbers and Rice lakes have all been very productive.

Fraser River-

Coho open November 2nd until december 31'st. Chinook salmon and Chum Salmon are closed for retention

 Sturgeon fishing has been good throughout the upper and lower reaches of the river. Salmon parts and Salmon roe will be the best bait options throughout the Fall months.


Although it is late in the season fair numbers of fresh Coho will continue to enter the river for the next week or two. The lower reaches of the river will be the best bet for fresher fish. Steelhead swason is just around the corner. expect there to be the odd one around by the first week of December.


Unlike the Chilliwack river, the Chehalis and other north side Fraser River tributaries recieve later returns of Coho that traditionally start to show up in mid to late October and peak throughout Novermber. Yesterdays rain should have brought water levels up enough to push som fresh fish in the river.


There are some good Chinook and Coho oppurtunities throughout the month of October. back trolling plugs, casting spoons and spinners, float fishing with roe and twitching jigs are all effective methods.


Chum and Coho fishing has picked up!


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