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FRESH WATER FISHING REPORT  (January 12th, 2019)

Fraser River-


Sturgeon are still on the bite! Most of the reports have been coming between the Surrey and Mission. Chum roe will still be your best bait option, however, Eels, Eulichons and Dew worms will still produce.

There are some good trout and Char oppurtunities throughout the Winter months in the Fraser river. The Upper Fraser back channels between Chilliwack and Hope can be quite good for Cutthroat trout. These backwater sloughs are sanctuarys for Salmon fry, and baby course fish that the trout prey on. Casting spoons or chucking streamer flys immitating baitfish or attractors will be good options. The Lower/ Tidal portion of the Fraser can be quite productive at times for Sea Run Dollies. Bar fishing with Roe or single eggs or chucking spoons depending on visability are all good bets.


Steelhead season is upon us! Reports have been quite good since the begining of the new year with a good mix of both hatchery and wild fish spread out throughout the system. Typicaly mid January through to mid March is peak time. Drift fishing with Roe, Prawns, Colorado blades, Yarn ties, Mad river eggs, Trout beads, Rubber worms and Marabou Jigs will work. Changing your presentation fairly consistently exspecially if water conditions are fluctuating can be key to Steelhead success!!


We have had a handfull of early reports of Winter Steelhead. Water conditions have been ideal and the fish seem to have been moving up into the canyon section fairly quickly so make sure to fish as much water as possible.


Salmon season is officially over but now can be a great time to break out the trout gear. Cutthroat, Dollies and Whitefish will be available to target throughout the Winter months.


Fair to good numbers of Steelhead can be found from now until early Spring. Trout, Char and Whitefish can also be found in the system.

Interior Lakes-

Tunkwa has been fishable and ice conditions are good! some of the Merritt lakes are starting to shape up as well.




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