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Berry's Product Catalog

Ray's 30 # Spring caught locally Aug 11th on  green procured anchovies at 55 feet 
Chris & Friend a nice mess o Springs caught locally 
Aug 11 th 
Steve's spring caught end of July 
another beauty caught on July 16th 
Mike Berry with a nice local Spring caught July 4th
 Girl power ! A couple of awesome Springs 29# and 15# 
caught July 3rd at King Pacific Lodge , Milbank Sound
1 of the nicest floating lodges in B.C. !
Howe Sound Pink Salmon update
August 17th 2017
Its offical... the Pink Salmon are at Furry creek in BIG numbers finally!! Casting and stripping pink streamer patterns is deadly effective for those fly guys. Gear chucking Buzz Bombs, Zingers and pink spoons is equally as lethal.

Sturgeon fishing has been fantastic from Chilliwack down river as far as Ladner. This has probaly been the best season we have seen for consistent numbers of big fish in the lower river.. alot of regular customers have been reporting quite a few fish in the 6 to 7 ft range and one confirmed 8 footer!! Eels, Eulichons, roe and dew worms have been working but it seems switching between baits has been a big difference maker, sometimes adding scent can also give you that extra edge. 
August 11th 2017
Our local Saltwater fishery is starting to heat up now. The first waves of Pink Salmon have shown up in Vancouver harbour in healthy numbers and will continue to build strong in the next couple of weeks. We have had some good reports of Coho mixed up with the pinks as well. Trolling with Anchovies, small herring, hoochies and spoons will all work. If your targeting Salmon off of Ambelside, casting pink Buzz Bombs, Zingers and pink spoons are great effective options.
The Fraser bound summer red Chinook are here and will continue to come through in waves off the Fraser mouth until mid September and will be followed by the big bad fall Chinook!!
Point Grey South to The T-10 marker and the Sandheads within the boundary line (Fraser Mouth) is were you want to target these fish. The Sandheads has defenitly been the hot area this past week with multiple reports off fish up into the mid twenties. and one 30# er .
The Gulf Island Chinook fishery has been good, weather permitting.
The east side of Gabriola has been the hot area this past week with fish reported off the bottom in 100 to 220 feet of water. Fish have averaged around 12 to 15 pounds however good numbers of larger fish up into the mid twenties have been reported as well. 
Anchovies dyed in chartreuse Brine n Bite fished in Full metal jackets behind green and purple onion Hot spot flashers have been the hot tickets!
Purple haze and green splatter hoochies, Coyote, Kingfisher and the new Hot Pesca spoons in various colours are good bets as well.
FishingBC App
The FishingBC app, Apple version is available now with the Android version coming soon. It ’s free, and is already providing thousands of anglers with real-time access to regulations and other fishing-friendly features.  Anglers can find species and area specific regulations through map tools which identify their current location and species of interest. Because of how DFO has organized information to be delivered to the app, anglers now have access to virtually everything they need to know on their portable electronic devices. In addition to providing current regulatory information, the Fishing BC app has several other important features:
• It holds an electronic copy of your recreational licence and a permanent record of your catch log;
•It allows photos and entries to be shared by social media or e-mail directly from the app
IF you have an Apple iphone get the app today and in preperation for the coming season.  
A link to the app store here or on the icons below 

 To purchase your saltwater licence please go to

to view the online Saltwater regulations please go 


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Effective at 00:01 hours May 1, 2017 to 23:59 hours Sept 30, 2017 fishing for lingcod is open in the following areas:Areas: 12-1 to 12-13, 12-15 to 12-48, 13 to 19, 20-5 to 20-7 and 29-5.


Daily limit: one (1)

Possession limit: two (2)

Size limit: 65cm

Annual limit: ten (10

Areas 28 and 29 (except of Subarea 29-5) remain closed to fishing for lingcod, this includes catch and release.



ROCKFISH (Rockfish and Yelloweye Rockfish in the aggregate): Effective at 00:01 hours May 1, 2017 to 23:59 hours Sept.30, 2017 fishing for rockfish is open in the following areas:Areas: 12 to 19, 20-5 to 20-7 and 29-5.


Daily limit: one (1)

Possession limit: two (2) 

No size limit or annual limit is in effect.


Areas 28 and 29 (except of Subarea 29-5) remain closed to fishing for rockfish, this includes catch and release.


VARIATION ORDERS: 2017-215 and 2017-176


For other areas please go to our DFO section for more details .





Limits and sizes:

Effective February 1, 2017 until further notice:

-The maximum length for halibut is 133cm.

-The daily limit for halibut is one (1). 

-The possession limit for halibut is two (2), only one (1) of which may be over 

83cm in length.

-The annual limit is six (6) halibut per licence holder, as set out on the 

2016/2017 Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence.

-All halibut retained by the licence holder shall be immediately recorded on 

the 2016/2017 Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence. The area from which each 

halibut is caught and its length shall immediately be recorded on licence.


The exceptions to these openings are:


Areas 121:

No person shall fish for or retain halibut, rockfish and lingcod in Area 121 outside the 12 nautical mile limit seaward of a line that begins at 48 degrees 34.000 minutes and 125 degrees 17.386 minutes W and continues south easterly at a bearing of 116 degrees True to a point at 48 degrees 28.327 minutes and 125 

degrees 01.687 minutes W.


Area 121:

Closed to all finfish, year round in the waters of Swiftsure Bank, inside a 

line from 48 degrees 34.00 minutes N and 125 degrees 06.00 minutes W, thence to 

48 degrees 34.00 minutes N and 124 degrees 54.20 minutes W, thence to 48 

degrees 29.62 minutes N and 124 degrees 43.40 minutes W, thence following the International Boundary between Canada and the U.S. to 48 degrees 29.55 minutes 

N and 124 degrees 56.20 minutes W, thence in a straight line to the point of commencement.  


Variation Orders: 2016-362 and 2016-74



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Please allow at least 5-7 working days during peak season.

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