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For information on the Family Fishing Society please go to

For Fresh water Fishing Regulations go to ..

To purchase a Freshwater Fishing Licence go to ..

For Tidal Water Fishing regulations go to ...

to receive updates on fisheries notices see below information ..  Fishery Notice Email Service - Update

The fishery notice by email service has been recently updated. Previously limited to fishing industry representatives, this service is now available to
anyone interested in receiving notices by email. Subscribers are able to select notification by category of interest and management area. 

To subscribe to fishery notices by email please visit the registration page:

For more information or to update your current fishery notice subscription
please contact the Operations Centre at

or go to

To purchase a Tidal water licence online go to..

For great fishing information and stocking information go to :

Rockfish Conservations Areas (RCA’s) remain in effect - refer to the following website for descriptions:

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact your local DFO office at:

For daily tides go to

For DFO regulations please click below ... or call the new 24 hour recorded line at 604-666-2828 or long distance 1-866-431-3474

If going Crab fishing please check out the Delta Port closed area due to navigation issues for ferries see this link : 

For BC weather information go to

For Fraser River updates for field studies , including fence, bridge , dam and tower counts, mark-recapture studies, visual surveys and water temperatue , water level and fish condition sampling at