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2017 Lower Fraser Coho Derby

A BIG thank you to all those who participated! Also a big thank you to all those who donated prizes and helped this event run smoothly!

Stay tuned for next years derby in the 2018 Coho season!





Derby Leaderboard

  1. Graham Kruse                     7.54lbs
  2. Raf Pineda                           6.02lbs
  3. Darren Bregg                       5.65lbs
  4. Jun Vargas                          5.25lbs
  5. Mark Foulds                         5.12lbs
  6. Kris Lewis                            5.04lbs
  7. Carlo Ng                              5.04lbs
  8. Rob Fidenato                        4.68lbs
  9. Pat Pozo                              4.63lbs
  10. Ron Amero                           4.59lbs